Soapstone counter tops will enhance the value of your home and is an investment that will pay for itself time and time again.

Soapstone’s outstanding aesthetic and performance qualities make it the ideal choice for those who desire distinct decor that easily blends with any range of cabinet finishes, while retaining the finest ‘real life’ work surface available anywhere.

Soapstone is impervious to heat, stains, acids, liquids and chemicals.  Soapstone has been used for institutional laboratory counter tops for years. In the kitchen environment, porous stone like marble and granite can stain if not sealed. Soapstone is a very dense, nonporous stone which does not need to be sealed.

Maintenance required is little-to-none. An optional periodic treatment with mineral oil (simply wiping the surface with a lightly oiled cloth) accelerates the natural darkening process. Regular cleaning is easy with any common household cleaner. Soapstone will not show finger prints.

Soapstone counter tops are enjoying a popular resurgence by designers and homeowners who appreciate its stylish appearance and superior durability.

· 100% natural
· Warm look and feel
· Not harmed by hot cooking equipment
· Does not stain
· Does not react with acidic food
· Easy to clean
· Easy care/maintenance
· Resistant to harsh chemicals
· Versatile and workable
· Darkens to a beautiful, distinctive look
· Lasts for generations

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